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Videos that debunk anti LGBT+ arguments or cover LGBT+ topics

TERFs Are Wrong About Biological Sex A great takedown of TERFs that deeply covers sex and gender

Gender Critical | ContraPoints Debunks many of the concerns that TERFs have about transgender people

Response to BBC transphobia A response to the BBC's transphobic article

Woman Are People A defence of inclusive language

Debunking The Top 40 Anti-LGBTQ Arguments Debunks a whole ton of anti LGBT+ arguments

What Is "Gender Ideology"? (Hint: It Doesn't Exist.) A analysis of "gender ideology" and transphobia

Responding to JK Rowlings Essay | Is It Anti-Trans? A debunking of JK Rowlings transphobic essay

Gender Analysis 14. Chromosomes: cis expectations vs. trans reality A video about why chromosomes are not useful

Sex and Sensibility A Video by a biologist on why sex and gender are not binary

The Science of Sexual Orientation A look into the genetic roots of sexual orientation

Gender Analysis 07. Stop Calling Trans Women "Male" A must watch video about gender and sex

Gender Analysis 06. Bathroom Bills: Dehumanization and Control A video about the harms of bathroom bills