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Common Sense Rainbow is a site dedicated to debunking anti LGBT+ arguments as well as providing educational information on LGBT+ topics. We have cataloged many hateful arguments and myths and refuted them using logic and research. We also write articles on LGBT+ topics and link to useful LGBT+ resources. This website is good for anyone who wants to educate themselves, anyone who wants to better fight bigots, people on the fence about supporting the LGBT+ movement, or LGBT+ people who just want to read. Please share this site to maximize its impact.


This site was established to combat hate. If you have been following the news there has been a rise in anti-LGBT+ rhetoric, we hope to debunk a lot of the transphobic and homophobic arguments being used today. This site was also made to give LGBT+ people easy resources to fight bigots. Our site also helps non-LGBT+ and LGBT+ people alike learn more about LGBT+ issues and topics.


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Any large or important factual errors will be now be reported under individual articles.

Fixxed the don't say gay bill article by removing an error about the bill's scope

Deleted "The Real Reasons More People Are Identifying As LGBT+" (archive) because it had some factual errors and did not cover a lot of important nuances about sexuality. A better article has replaced it.

Fixed the dates on the July 2022 LGBT+ News Recap because they were all messed up.

The "People choose their sexuality" argument on the main page said sexuality was only caused by genes, while genes probably play a big role they are not the only factor.

Made changes in "The Factors Increasing LGBT+ Identification" so the article better represented sexual fluidity and enviromental factors.

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