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November 2022 LGBT+ News Recap

3 Dec 2022

"Tokyo, Japan" (top left) by aljuarez is licensed under CC BY 2.0. "Ballot box" (top right) by FutUndBeidl is licensed under CC BY 2.0. "Texas Capitol Building" (bottom left) by wwward0 is licensed under CC BY 2.0. "Police Car Lights" (bottom right) by appleswitch is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0.

Nov 1
Famous detransitioner comes out again as transgender

Nov 3
Anti-transgender attack ads used before the midterms

Nov 5
Court rules beauty pageant can exclude transgender women

Nov 7
Tokyo introduces same-sex parterships

Nov 7
Midterms happen with many LGBT+ candidates in elections in the midterms
Note: The midterms were good news for LGBT+ rights with democrats making state legislatures bluer and electing LGBT+ candidates.

Nov 8
Florida medical board votes to ban gender affirming care for youth
Note: See the Gender Analysis blog for some good coverage of this.

Nov 10
US military sued over HIV restrictions for recruits

Nov 15
Texas lawmakers introduce bills attack transgender people
Note: One of these bills would restrict ANY public performance of a transgender person if a minor could see it. These bills are draconian.

Nov 16
Amy Schneider testifies against transgender healthcare ban

Nov 16
Respect for Marriage Act passes important procedural vote in the Senate

Nov 18
Macy cuts ties with the Salvation Army which often has a anti-LGBT+ stance

Nov 20
Gunman kills 5 at LGBT+ nightclub in Colorado
Note: It seems quite clear that this tragedy was driven by anti-LGBT+ rhetoric.

Nov 22
10% of California's legislature is LGBT+ now

Nov 22
Civil rights groups urge the Education Department to stop anti-LGBT+ policies in Texas schools

Nov 25
CEO of Mermaids charity steps down

Nov 28
Hate group's sign vandalized after the Club Q shooting

Nov 29
US Senate passes the Respect for Marriage act

Nov 29
Singapore repeals ban on gay sex but preemptively bans same-sex marriage
Note: The ban on gay sex was not being enforced at the time of repeal.