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March 2023 LGBT+ News Recap

5 April 2023

March 3
Tennessee passes anti-drag and anti-gender-affirming care bills into law while activists prepare lawsuits

March 4
Michael Knowles calls for the eradicating of “Transgenderism”

March 8
Minnesota's governor signs executive order protecting transgender youth

March 9
West Virginia asks the Supreme Court to allow their transgender student athlete ban

March 10
Leaked emails shed light on the anti-transgender movement

March 12
Indian government submits brief against same-sex marriage

March 15
Nebraska lawmaker 3 weeks into filibuster over an anti-transgender bill

March 16
Florida's ban on gender affirming care for transgender youth goes into effect

March 21
Wyoming bans transgender student athletes

March 22
Uganda passes harsh anti-LGBT+ measure

March 22
Arkansas passes school bathroom bill

March 28
Anti-transgender sentiment grows after Nashville shooting

March 31
Judge blocks Tennessee law restricting drag performances

March 31
North Dakota governor veto's anti-transgender pronoun bill

March 31
Transgender Day of Visibility

March 31
Florida moves to expand "don't say gay" bill