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March 2022 LGBT+ News Recap

2 Apr 2022

Mar 1
The ACLU is suing Texas for their calls to investigate parents who support their transgender kids with life saving medicine

Mar 1
Colombia recognizes non binary people

Mar 2
Biden spoke out in support of transgender rights and the equality act in the State Of The Union Adress

Mar 2
Anti transgender republican Jeffrey Younger is shouted out of a anti transgender event by dozens of protests

Mar 2
More than 20 LGBT+ candidates won the primaries in Texas

Mar 3
Iowa passes a anti transgender sports bill

Mar 3
Students in Florida hold walkouts over the "Don't Say Gay" bill

Mar 4
Medical and mental health groups condemn Texas's anti transgender health care actions

Mar 7
A Bulgarian TV network to show the "gay clown Putin" image in response to the Russian invasion of Ukraine

May 8
Florida's "don't say gay" bill is passed in the Senate and heads to the governors desk

Mar 8
Idaho bill that would criminalize gender affirming care passes in the house

Mar 10
First gay couple is married in Chile

Mar 10
More than 50 companies sign letter against anti transgender actions in Texas and across the country

Mar 12
Poll finds that 62% of Americans oppose laws that limit LGBT+ education in elementary school

Mar 12
JK Rowling gets more backlash for transphobia comments

Mar 14
UK court upholds same sex marriage ban in the Cayman Islands and Bermuda though civil unions still exist

Mar 15
Idaho Republicans kill an anti transgender healthcare bill citing parents rights

Mar 16
Guatemala's Congress stops a same sex marriage ban

Mar 18
Court rules Kim Davis violated the constitutional rights of 2 same sex couples by denying them marriage licenses

Mar 22
Utah's Republican governor vetos a anti transgender sports bill

Mar 23
UN rules ban on lesbian sex is a human rights violation

Mar 25
Utah legislature overrides governor's veto on a transgender sports ban

Mar 28
Florida Governor signs "don't say gay" bill into law

Mar 27
Billboards with "gay" on them start appearing in Florida in protest of the "don't say gay" bill

Mar 29
Conservative MP in the UK comes out as transgender

Mar 30
Bill banning gender affirming care in Missouri passes committee

Mar 30
Oklahoma anti transgender sports bill is signed into law

Mar 31
Transgender day of visibility

Mar 31
The US will start issuing X gender passports next April