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January 2023 LGBT+ News Recap

5 Feb 2023

Jan 2
Arizona governor signs order protecting state LGBT+ employees and contractors from discrimination

Jan 3
First open transgender women is executed in the US by Missouri

Jan 5
Judge rules West Virginia's transgender sports ban is constitutional

Jan 5
Florida schools forced to ban books because of the "don't say gay" bill

Jan 6
Oklahoma bill would ban medical transition for those under 26
Note: Expect to see these introduced more, the right just keeps escalating its attacks on transgender people.

Jan 7
Russian LGBT+ group banned by government returns

Jan 9
States propose laws affecting transgender people

Jan 13
Judge dismisses lawsuit by LGBT+ students who allege discrimination

Jan 13
Wisconsin Republicans block conversion therapy ban

Jan 15
UK government to announce ban on conversion therapy
Note: I think the ban will now include transgender people

Jan 17
Dutch constitution will be amended to ban LGBT+ discrimination

Jan 24
Missouri holds hearings on 8 anti-LGBT+ bills

Jan 25
Virginia committee unanimously rejects anti-LGBT+ law

Jan 25
Pope Francis says laws that criminalize gay people are unjust

Jan 26
Baker loses appeal trying to discriminate against a transgender women

Jan 28
Utah bans gender affirming care for youth
Note: Utah was the first state to pass a ban this year. Unfortunately, more states are considering similar legislation.

Jan 31
Trump vows to limit transgender rights if reelected
Note: The other main republican nominee, DeSantis has similar views.