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January 2022 LGBT+ News Recap

Feb 1 2022

Jan 1
Trans flag planted on highest mountain in Antarctica

Jan 3
Many states are starting 2022 off by pushing anti transgender bills

Jan 4
Israel will allow surrogacy for same sex couples

Jan 7
Conversion "therapy" is now illegal in Canada

Jan 8
Protest held outside BBC for their transphoic article

Jan 11
A referendum on LGBT+ issues will be held on April 3 in Hungry

Jan 15
Florida gay activist Jorge Diaz-Johnston was found dead

Jan 16
Thousands of pastors preached against bill C-4 which banned child abuse (conversion therapy) in Canada

Jan 19
The South Dakota Senate became the first chamber to pass a anti trans bill this year

Jan 19
Trans celebrities join the fight against a transphobic bill in Arkansas

Jan 20
A bill that would ban talk of LGBT+ things in schools in Florida passes the house

Jan 23
125 church officials came out as LGBT+ to fight back against church homophobia

Jan 25
France unanimously bans conversion "therapy" with up to 3 years in prison and up to a $50,000 dollar fine

Jan 25
The HRC gets 500 large companies to join Business Coalition for the Equality Act

Jan 26
Pope Francis tells parents to not condemn their gay kids

Jan 30
A teacher quit a school after it forced people to sign a contract comparing homosexuality to pedophilia