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December 2022 LGBT+ News Recap

1 Jan 2023

"United States Supreme Court Courtroom" (top left) by runJMrun is licensed under CC BY 2.0. "Flag of Scotland" (top right) by James.Stringer is licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0. "Indonesia DPR session" (bottom left) is public domain. "Rainbow White House" (bottom right) by US Department of State is licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0.

Dec 1
Texas man charged over death threats at doctor providing gender-affirming care

Dec 2
Ron Desantis helped many anti-LGBT+ people get elected to school boards

Dec 5
Oral arguments for the 303 Creative v. Elenis case

Dec 6
Indonesia passes law that would de facto ban same-sex intimacy

Dec 8
Sponsor of "don't say gay" bill resigns after indictment for fraud

Dec 8
US House passes the amended Respect for Marriage Act
Note: The bill interestingly had less republican support on the second vote despite the addition of religious freedom protections.

Dec 9
Poland to veto EU recognition of same-sex couples

Dec 11
UK suicide prevention charity reported over marking Trans Day of Remembrance

Dec 13
Biden signs the Respect for Marriage Act into law

Dec 13
Non-binary government employee and LGBT+ activist fired over alleged theft

Dec 13
Barbados court strikes down law criminalizing same-sex intimiacy

Dec 14
Texas AG sought data on transgender citizens
Note: This probably won't go good. The Texas government has done many anti-transgender things.

Dec 15
Ohio bill banning transgender student athletes dies in legislature

Dec 15
Ukraine passes LGBT+ nondiscrimination bill

Dec 15
US House Equality Caucus releases report on LGBT+ rights

Dec 16
Circuit court dismisses challenge to transgender inclusive sports policy

Dec 16
New York appeals court says Yeshiva University must recognize LGBT+ student group
Note: It seems likely Yeshiva will appeal to the Supreme Court which probably won't go good for LGBT+ rights.

Dec 19
Court rules company can't exclude coverage for gender affirming care

Dec 21
Switzerland rejects 3rd gender opinion on documents

Dec 22
Scotland passes the Gender Recognition Reform bill

Dec 22
Spain's lower house of Parliament passes transgender rights bill

Dec 23
19 arrested in Nigerian raid on same-sex wedding

Dec 25
Political in Israel suggests doctors should be able to discriminate against LGBT+ people

Dec 30
Biden will repeal discriminatory trump era health policy

Dec 31
Appeals court upholds transgender bathroom ban in Florida high school
Note: The vote was down ideological lines.