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April 2022 LGBT+ News Recap

2 April 2022

Apr 1
Wales and Scotland will go ahead with a transgender inclusive conversion therapy ban

Apr 1
Conservatives get what they ask for with the Florida "don't say gay" bill

Apr 3
Mike Pence includes banning transgender people from sports and religious exemption laws in his freedom agenda

Apr 4
In the UK, the EHRC supports "case-by-case" bans of transgender people from single sex spaces

Apr 4
Mayor of New York wants LGBT+ residence of Florida to new to New York

Apr 4
Florida politician wants to make life saving medical care illegal

Apr 5
Texas Republican will introduce "don't say gay bill" copycat next legislative session

Apr 6
UK cancels LGBT+ rights conference after LGBT+ rights groups pull out of the conference over conversion therapy dispute

Apr 6
In an attempt to limit same sex marriage, Republicans in Tennessee are pushing a bill that would remove the marriage age requirement

Apr 6
Kentucky governor vetos anti transgender sports bill

Apr 10
Thousands protest to keep the UK conversion therapy ban transgender inclusive

Apr 11
Letters4trans movement seeks to support transgender kids under attack

Apr 12
Pennsylvania governor promisses to veto anti transgender sports ban

Apr 13
Kentucky legislature overrides governors veto of anti transgender sports ban

Apr 15
Tucker Carlson's documentary trailer is kinda gay

Apr 15
Kansas governor vetos anti transgender sports bill and a bill that would let parents challenge school curricula

Apr 16
Gay law maker in Missouri goes viral for speech against an anti transgender sports amendment

Apr 18
Republican politician attacking school for drag show was in a school drag show

Apr 20
A large grant was withdrawn from the LGB alliance

Apr 20
The Florida Department of health released guidance saying gender affirming does not work this included social transition

Apr 21
Top South Korean court overturns conviction of gay soldiers

Apr 21
Ron DeSantis and other Florida Republicans who called out Disney for interfering in politics took hundreds thousands of dollars from Disney before the "don't say gay" bill debate

Apr 21
LGBT+ rights groups seek order blocking anti transgender health care law in Alabama

Apr 22
Disney's special status is revoked by the Florida government after it criticized the "don't say gay" bill

Apr 24
Tennessee passes anti transgender sports bill into law

Apr 28
The Kansas Legislature was unable to override the governor's veto of an anti transgender sports bill

Apr 28
Georgia governor signs 2 education censorship bills and a transgender sports bill that creates a committee to evaluate transgender players into law

Apr 29
The US Justice Department is challenging an Alabama law outlawing gender affirming care for transgender youth

Apr 30
The person in charge of Disney's "don't say gay" bill response will step down