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The Real Reasons More People Are Identifying As LGBT+

Dec 25 2021

Over the past decade there has been a large increase in the number of people identifying as LGBT+. Some bigots say this is proof that media representation and LGBT+ education in schools is "turning people gay." This has lead to a lot of damage for example in Russia "gay propaganda" has been banned. There are many flaws in this reasoning and many actual factors that contribute to more people identifying as LGBT+.

First, the big point that makes the argument crumble down is LGBT+ people were that way since birth. Sexuality is caused by genes, this has been backed up by a genome wide association study and twin studies. Being transgender has linked to genes in twin studies and to differences in brain structure (there are psychological aspects too, it's not strictly biological). All of this shows being LGBT+ is a matter of genetics not a matter of how much LGBT+ content you are exposed to.

Also there is really no way to change sexual orientation and gender identity. Conversion therapy does not work so why should media exposure? Also LGBT+ people who see cis-het representation in the media don't become cis-het. On top of all of this being LGBT+ can manifest at a young age before kids are exposed to LGBT+ content in the media or even know what being LGBT+ means. We should also point out that rapid onset gender dysphoria has been debunked.

Now lets look at the real reasons more people are identifying as LGBT+. First the biggest reason is more media representation. LGBT+ media representation does not turn people LGBT+ it helps people find out they are LGBT+. Many people have found out they where LGBT+ by seeing it in the media. This also shows why there were much less LGBT+ people in history. For example for much of history there has not been a word for transgender and no-one knew what gender identity was so people with gender dysphoria had a hard time knowing what they were feeling.

Another big reason more people are LGBT+ today is that in the past being LGBT+ was seen as more negative. This leads to 2 problems. First, people will be scared to come out. In many countries being LGBT+ was illegal. Also the majority of people disapproved of LGBT+ people. This would have lead to people being scared to show who they were. Second, people might be in denial of their identities. If you were a person in the 50s and had a negative view on homosexuality like most people and you felt homosexual you might just deny your feelings.

The last big reason is that the sexualities of people are much are fluid than first thought. A study found that many people who identified as heterosexual were not exclusively heterosexual and experienced some same sex attraction. Some people today might interpret this is bisexuality or omnisexuality leading to more people identifying LGBT+.

One last note is that getting LGBT+ population statistics is very challenging. As we have covered there are many cases where someone could be LGBT+ and not know it. This makes it very hard see how many LGBT+ people exist. I would guess that 10% to 15% of the population is LGBT+ based on all the data I have seen.