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The Devastating Effects Of Homophobia And Transphobia

Dec 22 2021

While the LGBT+ movement have come far LGBT+ people still face hatred. This hatred can have many effects on many parts of someones life and this hatred is still wide spread.

75% of LGBT+ youth report discrimination and on top of that only 1 and 3 LGBT+ kids live in affirming homes. Over the past few years transphobia has been on the rise and 30% of the US still oppose same sex marriage.

Queerphobia often leads to direct violence. Hate crimes and murders are still being committed towards LGBT+ people. Tragically 2021 has been the deadliest year on record for transgender people with hundreds being murdered world wide. Also some countries still have the death penalty for being LGBT+.

Direct violence is not the only effect of queerphobia. It has a big effect on mental health to. Suicide rates are much higher for LGBT+ people. Also LGBT+ people have worse mental health. Also fighting hate is very beneficial. A survey found that transgender kids who had their pronouns and name respected had a 2x less chance of have suicidal thoughts compared to kids were no one respected their name and pronouns. On top of that kids who experienced no discrimination had much lower suicide rates than kids who experienced lots.

Hate can do much more than hurt mental health. LGBT+ are more likely to be homeless because of bigoted parents. Discrimination can affect many parts of life from income to access of health care to access to public spaces like bathrooms.

Hate can ruin people's lives and for a more equal and happy world we must fight it. Check out the rest of this website for debunking and responses to many hateful arguments and myths.