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Surprise Surprise Banning Books Is Bad

Jan 3 2022

There has been a recent push for the banning of LGBT+ books from schools and libraries. This push has unfortunately seen progress with bills being put forward that would ban LGBT+ books and school district banning books. People pushing for book banning will often use fallacious arguments to cover but their hatred. It's time to look at and debunk these arguments.

The most common argument is that the books contain sexually explicit material. Surprisingly in most cases this is not true. Also why aren't these anti LGBT+ people trying to get books with heterosexual relationships banned? It's almost if they are finding excuses to ban LGBT+ books. In my opinion even if a book has sexually explicit content you should just require parental consent to check it out.

Another big argument that is generally used for wider bans is that LGBT+ books brain wash kids into being LGBT+. We have talked extensively about this on the main part of of this website. First Homosexuality is genetic and gay people are born that gay. Also with transgender people the claim that social influences cause people to be trans (rapid onset gender dysphoria) has been debunked. Science also shows being transgender manifests from birth or a young age before exposer to content can happen.

Another argument is that it should be up to parents. The thing is when parents are anti LGBT+ it can be very damaging. For example LGBT+ youth in non affirming are more likely to attempt suicide. Giving parents the power to ban LGBT+ books only adds to this problem. Also parents would be wrong in banning these books as we have shown throughout this website.

Yet another argument is that we should ban LGBT+ books to keep "LGBT+ ideology" out of schools. "LGBT+ ideology" is just a buzzword used to Make people scared of these books and the movement in general. "LGBT+ ideology" when translated means giving LGBT+ people human rights. Some people will say banning LGBT+ books is just keeping political issues out of school but this falls victim to the same problem, "LGBT+ politics" is just politicians advocating for LGBT+ people getting human rights. Human rights should not be a political debate but hateful people have turned it into one.

Lastly people will say banning anti LGBT+ books is to protect kids. The thing is banning LGBT+ books is doing to opposite. LGBT+ people in non affirming schools are more likely to commit suicide. Pushing policy that will increase suicide rates is not protecting kids. This argument is A more vague version of the arguments covered before.

The conclusion from all of this is banning books is bad. These arguments are just covers for anti LGBT+ hatred and have no merit what so ever.