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The Massive Benefits Of Puberty Blockers

Jan 9 2022

Puberty blockers are A important tool for transgender kids. Sadly anti-transgender groups have spread myths about puberty blockers claiming they are damaging. Today we refute these myths and look at the large benefits of puberty blockers.

Puberty blockers as the name suggests are drugs that block puberty from occurring. Puberty blockers are administered to transgender kids to slow down puberty. This allows transgender kids to have time to explore their identity, have a much easier transition later on, and help alleviate gender dysphoria.

Puberty blockers have large phycological benefits. They reduce suicide rates, a study found kids who took puberty blockers had 2 times fewer suicidal thoughts. This is not the only study check out our sources for lots of other research. Puberty blockers also improve emotional health and peer relationships.

Puberty blockers also have the benefit of being safe and reversible. This is the conclusion the medical community and many studies linked below have come to. There is a very limited amount of research showing that puberty blockers could have side effects. The thing is the side effects are not that big, as we have shown the benefits far outweigh the risks, and we need a lot more data. Many of the effects also go away after the blockers are stopped.

Another big benefit of puberty blockers is that they allow kids to have time to explore their identity and think it out. A big talking point from TERFs is kids are being forced into making irreversible choices. Puberty blockers fix this problem because they allow kids time to think stuff out. If a kid wants to detransition though this is quite rare a kid can do it easily.

The conclusion is that puberty blockers are beneficial. TERFs making arguments against puberty blockers make it seem that they are trying to protect kids. In reality, they are causing huge phycological damage to kids by pushing for bans. TERFs just hate the fact that kids are getting gender-affirming and life-saving treatment.