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Why "Bathroom Bills" Are Dangerous And Don't Protect Anyone

Dec 22 2021

Over the past few years, many states in the US have tried to introduce bathroom bills that would force transgender people to use the bathroom of their assigned sex at birth. Proponents claim these bills would protect the privacy of cisgender people and prevent sexual assault, but this is not true. These bills would be very damaging, here is why.

The biggest problem with bathroom bills is that they don't do their job. A study found that there was no link between bathroom bills being passed and rates of crime in bathrooms. Also, a report found that many school officials and experts agree that trans bathroom rights are a good thing and that making schools more trans equitable has been beneficial. On top of all of that, a letter was signed by hundreds of anti sexual assault and domestic violence organizations that oppose bathroom bills.

It should also be pointed out that not all transgender people are predators. While a very small amount of transgender people are predators we should not take away the rights of a group consisting of millions over the actions of a very small minority.

Another massive problem with bathroom bills is what they would do to transgender people. Transgender people would be forced to use the wrong bathroom. The American Medical Association says this would lead to more anti-transgender violence. Bathroom bills would also have a big effect on the mental health of transgender people.

Yet another big problem with bathroom bills is they are unenforceable. If a predator wanted to get into a bathroom they would just walk in, bathroom bills won't stop people from doing this. Predators would face large charges if they are caught and they don't care about those so why would the much smaller charges from bathroom bills? Even an anti-transgender hate group admitted that the bathroom safety argument was made up.

Even with all these problems and a lot more politicians are trying to get bathroom bills passed in many states. These bathroom bills will endanger the rights and safety of transgender people while not protecting anyone. Bathroom bills attempt erase transgender people.